the years before

Fire Nation: Fire Lord Suko has made the Fire nation A great and prosperous empire in the new era of peace. He abolished the majority of the factories the fire nation had, and the nation has practiced cultural activities again, like festivals and dancing. Suko wed and had a son named daisuke. This boy grew and learned the ways of the fire nation. Suko then died a painful death on his deathbed, and Daisuke took the throne as the new Fire Lord (Year 100ASC to 210ASC)

Fire Lord Daisuke, during his reign Has followed Suko’s footsteps, and nothing much changed. He Wed and had a son and a daughter. The son, TakeHiko, Was destined to be the next heir to the throne. His Daughter, Midori, Grew to be the captain of the Royal Guard, destined to protect his brother during his Reign. Daisuke Died in a Uprising that lasted for only 2 days. (Year 210ASC to 330ASC)

And now, TakeHiko is the new Fire Lord. During the last 20 Years, he created the order of the Black Lotus, a group that’s sole purpose is to protect and secure the Fire nation and it’s traditions. Midori was Placed as head of the order. (Year 330asc to ?)

The Air Nomads: Avatar Aang had children during the year 250 after the Fire nation was defeated and the beginning of the Peace Era. He and his children took up in the southern air temple, and inhabited it to be the new starting point for the Air Nomads. The Air Nomads are not really a nation like the rest of the nations, their more like a group of Air Bending Monks that just live in their temples in harmony. during the 300 years, the southern air temple turned into a thriving land for the newly created air bending order. They eventually started to flock and inhaibt the rest of the temples. Even til now, the other temples are still growing in strength.

The water Tribes: The North and South Pole’s during the 300 years of peace, grown in both mass and order. The southern tribes, leaded by Sokka and Katara, has grown into a great utopia. During the 300 years after Sokka and Katara passed on, the Tribes still grown and thrived greatly. As for the Northern Tribe… They didn’t change, they were too busy helping the southern Tribe’s to grow in strength. In the year 450, they finally were able to create more tribes outside their original city. Their progress is still teetering.

The Earth Nation: The Earth King Kuei Reigned from 75 ASC til 110 ASC, where him and his Bear, Bosco (JUST A BEAR), set off to better understand the life of peasants outside the palace. The Earth Nation Elected Yoshirou, a great noble of Ba Sing Se, to Lead them in this new era of Peace and Harmony. He Helped the Nation Greatly Inhabit the huge continent of their nation. The Dai Li was exiled for treachery and treason of the earth nation by one of his first royal decree. The Dai Li’s Existence after that was in secrecy… some day they still operate in the shadows as assassins, and guards of great Criminal organizations. Yoshirou’s Reign was from 110 ASC To year 235 ASC. in 235 ASC, The Great Mastermind Hikaru was proclaimed king. He was a great Strategical Leader of the Earth Army, and won a great support from the people from his miraculous achievements in the battles against the Dai Li’s fights (During the era they were exiled…)

Hikaru started a great exploration movement of their southern continents, and now the majority of the earth kingom’s Desert lands are inhabited by The Earth Nation. He then created Many War Factories throughout the Nation. He claimed them as necessary precautions, and that he wasn’t planning any invasions. Since he was a master of Strategy and a War hero at one point, people didn’t pay it no heed, and agreed to his movement. He’s reigned from 235 ASC To 350 ASC

After Hikaru’s Reign, no kings were Proclaimed. For the last 50 years, til 400 ASC, the Earth Nation Shifted into a Nomadic State. The War Factories were long abandoned, and many of the royal places were sacked and ignored. During this era… The Dai Li Grew in power. In the Year 399… The Earth Nation was aligned back into a Kingdom, A state created by the Dai Li… the role of king was abolished, and the Nation is governed by a Group of elites, known as the Dai Li elites.

Now… for the last year, the old war factories were reinstated, and the nation turned into a huge military state, governed by the Dai Li. In the year 400… They declared war on all the nations, and started their War that many will call…


the years before

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